Relationships And Your Health

Every person deserves a loving partner. Statistics show that people in a loving environment are happier than those without a lover or a partner. Having someone who understands you and accepts you for who you are, is what makes a relationship worthwhile. At Chat City Australia we understand that a happy and loving relationship is only as far away as your phone. Talking to and meeting new people is the very basis of human relationships.

Some of the benefits of having a loving partner include:

  1. Great emotional health: Most of the people in loving partnerships are cheerful, because they are loved and in love. Just the feeling that someone somewhere is thinking of you, creates contentment and leads to a healthier life. This is why people in loving relationships have less chance of developing heart conditions caused by stress.
  1. Improved mental health: Research and statistics show that 98% of all Australian married persons, or those in long term relationships, have better mental health as compared to their single counterparts. Having sex with someone you love, and who loves you back, can be more satisfying than having a one-night stand, with just a friend. The act of making love stimulates the body to produce hormones that help relieve mental stress, thereby making the brain much healthier.
  1. Physical health for men: The benefits of a loving partner increase with each passing day. Although women enjoy great mental health from a loving relationship, men enjoy even better physical health. This is not from visiting a gym, but the moral and physical support they get from their wives or girlfriends. Statistics also show that, men with loving partners are better groomed than bachelors.
  1. Better immune response: This benefits both the man and the woman. Research shows that, couples who value each other, and seek better ways of solving conflicts, have greater immune response systems than a person without a life partner. Although every relationship experiences problems sometimes, those who resolve such conflicts positively, have even greater chances of living a longer life.

So to summarise, a significant benefit of being in a loving relationship is the fact that, one’s health is greatly improved.  Most men and women enjoy the feeling that they are in love, and that someone loves them back.

These are just a few of the benefits that flow from a loving relationship.