Western Australia

Looking For Someone To Love

We are all looking for somebody to love. A wonderful person who will be loving in return and share our lives.  Couples who have found true love that lasts, are committed to each other and nurture their partnership on an ongoing basis.  This is the key to turning a romantic connection into a union that will last for a lifetime and it all has to start somewhere. This is where Chat City Australia can help. Using a phone chat service will help you make those initial, first steps towards new friendships. When we are in a new friendship, we often wonder whether the joy and excitement that we are feeling is just infatuation, and even when we are with a long-term partner, we still wonder whether ‘this is the one’ or whether we are settling for less than we deserve.

How can you tell if you have found your true soul mate?

If you know what the signs of a healthy relationship are, then you are more likely to recognise your potential life partner when he or she arrives.  Some people assume that they are in love, when in fact, they are simply absorbed with the idea of being in a romance.  When you can distinguish between the differences in these feelings, you will be well on your way to finding a person who is special and be able to commit to them. You will be happy and willing to nurture the relationship through good and bad times.

–        Being fully emotionally committed gives you a feeling of security because you cherish yourself and you are honouring your own personal needs.  It means that you are devoted to your partner, just the way they are and they in turn feel passionately about you, just the way you are. Simply being caught up in thoughts of affection and tenderness, comes from a place of insecurity and looking for a partner to fit into an ideal you have about love.

–        When you truly treasure your lover, you always find a way to meet each other’s needs, knowing that disagreements and arguments are part of a normal relationship. When you are only having fun with an infatuation, you try to avoid conflicts at any cost, for fear of losing the friendship.

–        Feeling loved, gives a deep sense of strength and confidence and the courage to overcome difficulties. Simply being consumed with an ideal keeps you trapped in an illusion of a perfect relationship and an unrealistic idea of how you would like your partner to look, act and be.

Are You Ready for a True Loving relationship?

An essential concept to grasp is that true romantic intimacy and happiness can only start with you and your own self perception.  We hear it all the time, we have to value ourselves before we can value someone else.  Unless and until we respect ourselves, we are incapable of finding someone to truly bond with us. The capacity to accept and acknowledge ourselves with all our personal faults and flaws, lies at the heart of being open to adore someone and another person being able to feel about us, in the same way.  The following characteristics are indicative of healthy self worth:

–        Your happiness is not dependent on being with another person and you are able to feel happy in your own company and content with being by yourself.

–        You respect yourself and are able to stay true to your own personal values and beliefs.  When you disagree with a friend you care about deeply, you are willing to disagree, in order to remain true to your own beliefs and values.

–        You honour your own feelings, opinions and thoughts and are never swayed to betray yourself, for other people.

–        You are assertive and able to ask for what you want and stand up for yourself.

If you can answer “yes” to all of the above personality traits, you may very well be ready to invite true love into your life. If, on the other hand, you cannot find love and you lack belief in yourself, then somewhere deep inside you may feel unloved and unworthy of affection and attention, from potential loving partners.