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Approaching a hot guy should be no different than approaching any other man but for most females, it is hard to approach a guy who they consider hot because some women are quite shy and awkward around them. That’s why talking to guys first, on the phone, using Chat City Australia is a great way to overcome this.

It really is great because you don’t need to worry about how you look, making eye contact and all the usual things you need to think of when you’re going out to meet a man. You can let men know you are interested by listening to them, by the tone of your voice and the things that you say. The initial contact is easy and all you need to do is to start a little flirting.

Make sure you have a smile in your voice when you are talking. It will come across very well and attract the guy you are after. You will sound like the kind of women he wants to know. You are someone who is fun, exciting and sexy. Also when you’re smiling, it boosts your happiness level as well, which in turn will give the impression of a confident and exciting woman.

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Using a phone chat service is a great way to talk to new guys and to check them out before you make a commitment to meet. With services all over Australia: VIC, ACT, NT, NSW, QLD, TAS, WA and SA, you can call from anywhere.

Get somewhere comfortable and private and work out before hand what you would like to say. Try not to write it down, as then you may find yourself reading it out and that doesn’t sound natural at all. Say something short and simple to start with and then when you make your choice of the guys you want to talk to, you can go for it. If you are comfortable, it will come across in your phone conversation and make you more attractive and interesting. You may be shy to start with but once you gain confidence, this will come through and it’s just like flirting in real life. Once you know a bit more about a guy you can relax and be more yourself.

One thing to do is to remember to listen to him and not to say too much about yourself unless he wants to know all about you. To make yourself feel more comfortable, you could have some music playing in the background, not so loud that it interrupts you but just to let you relax a bit more. Men love to hear women who are confident, happy and full of life. You will be alluring to them and they will want to talk to you and then, if you choose, hook up for coffee etc. You will soon find the things that you have in common and after all, this all about chatting with new people. Relax and enjoy the experience.