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Talk To A Man And Make Him Feel Good

There are certain ways to make men respond positively when you are talking to them for the first time or at any point in your relationship. If you are looking to remain on their good side, you have to approach the conversation, as a key part of your progress together. Chat City Australia, is here to help you make that progress easier. There are many people who forget about this point until it is too late and the guy has switched off. You want them to feel really good about themselves and about where the relationship is heading and that can only happen when you follow these tips.


The best way to make anyone feel happy (including men) is to put a smile in your voice. This will make you instantly attractive and you will sound much more interesting to them.

When you are talking on the phone, you have to learn to project a positive tone, as that will ensure that the man feels comfortable with you. He will realise that you want to talk to him and that you are fully engaged.


This is something that is super easy and yet, most people overlook it. Of course someone is going to react well, if you compliment them, right? Well, why don’t women follow this tip?

This is one of the easiest ways to make someone feel good and it does not have to be done in an obvious manner, where it sounds forced. Just throw in a nice, little compliment about their voice or something they say. It can do wonders for their confidence and how they feel about you. This is the first step towards progressing the relationship and getting them to remain interested in the long-run.

Learn to Listen

The final tip is something that is very simple. Make them feel as if you want to listen to everything they have to say. When you start talking about only yourself, this is when you are veering down a path where they are going to start thinking that you are self-centered or could not care less, about what they have to say.

You have to take a step back, relax and just learn to listen. This does not mean you stop talking, but giving males time to speak is really important.

These are the three most effective hints to keep in mind whenever you are having a conversation with a man. If you adhere to these and use them as the foundation for when you are conversing with Australian men, you will usually be satisfied with how well the relationship develops. Being a great conversationalist is not required, as long as you are willing to follow some of the advice that has been listed here. This advice has worked for millions of people and continues to do so because of how effective it is.