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Meeting New Guys With Simple Conversations

Are you a woman searching for companionship? Searching potentially for the man of your dreams? If so, in order to start meeting new people, you have to know how to master the art of simple conversation. Chat City Australia will help you to make that initial first contact which some people can find difficult. Using an adult phone service that is anonymous and fun, makes it easy for you to start chatting to different people and gives you confidence. Most men are looking for women who are able to discuss a variety of topics. Here are some tips on how to start talking with any man and how to evaluate him at the same time.

How To Begin

The first thing that you need to understand about men, is that they are not normally very talkative. Males are more physically and visually oriented than cognitively oriented, so if you want to speak with a guy, you need to keep this in mind. They will be attracted to the way that you look, your style of hair and the type of clothes that you are wearing. When you are using an anonymous phone service, you can go into great detail about what you look like and what you are wearing. Obviously, you want men to be attracted to your voice and the best way of doing this, is to put a smile on your face. It will reflect back on how you sound to the person you are speaking to. However, in order to determine whether or not a gentleman is worthy of your attention, you need to find out more about him. The best way do this is to say something very simple. You can begin with “Hi” or “Hey” and then wait to see what he does. If he is receptive and wants to hear more about you, he will start asking questions.

Men Like To Talk About Themselves

The next thing you need to do is ask a general question. You could say something like “How long have you been online?” or “How’s your night going?”. Both of these questions are open-ended, allowing him to respond, specifically about himself. If he answers you with a brief sentence or two and then asks you the same thing, this is probably someone who you would want to keep talking to. If he responds, but then continues to talk about himself, his day, and several more minutes about him and his life, it is definitely time to move on to someone else. The last thing that you want is a relationship with an individual who is more concerned about what they have to say, than asking about you.

Assessing His Personality

The final stage of this interaction is assessing the type of personality that they have. You have already asked questions which open the door to a discussion. If they have now asked about you, you can respond with a couple of sentences about yourself. It is very important not to have an awkward silence after you have spoken. You can follow up your response by saying “So do you often call Chat City Australia?” or “Are you going out later tonight?”. Both of these questions serve two purposes. First of all, you will learn if they are here to meet someone, who they can start a friendship or relationship with. Secondly, they may be online just to pass the time. You will find that he may ask you the same type of thing and so the conversation begins to flow.

By understanding that simple questions and responses are the best way to interact with men who you have not met before, you can learn quite a bit about them in just a few minutes. Based upon what he asks you and the responses that he gives to your questions, you can determine whether or not this is a guy who you would like to potentially have in your life at some point in the future as a friend, or possibly something more.