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Using Humour When Talking To Women

Many women, when asked, mention humour as one of the things that they find most attractive in a man. There is a good reason for this. Joking shows that you’re confident, outgoing, that you can express an opinion and that you have a positive outlook on life. It also shows a degree of intelligence (providing the jokes are not vulgar), which is why it is something you should include when talking to a new female friend. Using wit, when calling Chat City Australia, is definitely a plus for the many women who are wanting to chat to guys.

When a women finds you comical, she puts her defences down and begins to get a sense of your personality. If she finds you funny, she will want to know more about you, and is more likely to be open to other things you have to say.

Besides this, adding enjoyable banter to a chat, immediately lightens the tone, brings down the barriers and removes a lot of the anxiety or worries – especially if this is a first time introduction. Having a little fun in a conversation is also more enjoyable than a stale, boring one, which is often what occurs during first meetings. When a woman senses that you have a good sense of humour, she will know that you can boost her mood when she feels down, and this is a great quality to have in a partner.

If you are having trouble injecting a little fun into your conversations, then here are a few tips that will help.

Be playful – adding a little teasing is really simple. To do this, you need to see the funny angle in a certain situation. If you practice looking at the humourous angle, you will soon find yourself coming up with funny things to say. Keep it light, and don’t be too personal or it could be considered rude and make the woman self conscious.

What do you find amusing? – Know what amuses you first. If you know what makes you laugh, then you can figure out how to make others laugh. However, you shouldn’t attempt to turn into Australia’s best stand-up comedian and be totally focused on being an entertainer. Be spontaneous and relaxed when talking and slip in a joke, if it’s appropriate.

You can try using different vocal tones to express surprise and drama, when joke telling. This is instantly attractive to a woman. She will want to hear more from you, if she appreciates that are a comical and astute man.

Use yourself as material when telling stories. You can use your own experience to re-tell an amusing event. This doesn’t mean showing how stupid you are, or being self deprecating (which gives off the opposite connotations). Instead, talk about a challenge that you overcame and how you responded in a funny, ironic or sarcastic way.

The key to using levity with a woman, is to demonstrate that you’re a witty man with a positive view of life. You don’t need every discussion to be serious. You can have fun too.