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Be Confident When Talking To Sexy Women

There’s no doubt that women like to talk to confident men. Not only that, but they are attracted to the confidence that a man projects. There are many reasons for this. It shows leadership traits, shows that you’re assertive in life, have strength and will voice an opinion. On Chat City Australia, men who sound confident do really well when talking to sexy women.

If you’re not as confident as you want to be, then try working on the following tips that will improve how confident you sound:

Don’t whisper (it’s creepy). Just raising the volume of your voice and speaking more clearly, will instantly give you more confidence, as well as signaling your attraction to the woman you’re chatting to. Men with confidence project their voice, as they have conviction in what they’re saying and don’t mind others hearing. If a woman ever asks you to repeat a sentence, then it means you need to increase your volume. You can do this with practice and it is something you should work on.

Talk about topics that interest you – when you have an interest in what you’re talking about, women will be drawn into the conversation (even if they’re not initially interested). Anyone with passion and knowledge can command attention and the confidence that comes from this, is clear for anyone to see. So, have the strength to converse about what you’re interested in.

Be relaxed – sitting upright, naturally projects your voice and not holding the telephone to close to your mouth, lets your words be understood properly. They say body language is all important in attracting women – just because you are on the phone doesn’t mean you should slouch. You can relax, sure – but make sure you’re words are not being swallowed by your body.

Have your own opinion. Many Australian men, in the hope that they will impress the woman, tend to agree with any statement she makes. Not only is this the wrong approach but it means you are not showing your own opinions. That means the woman isn’t getting to know who you really are. Besides this, you will feel too domineered, and it will come across in the tone of your voice. Be clear on what you like and don’t like, without being too forceful and this will show confidence and that you stand up for what you believe in. It means you are being true to yourself.

Don’t be needy. A confident man is never needy. Neediness is the opposite of confidence, so have a relaxed attitude, while still holding your own opinion. Don’t be fixated on having the woman agree with you, or follow your instructions. A confident man has a purpose in life, usually his work, which takes center stage, and the other things are lower values in his life.

Follow the tips given above and work on the traits that you need to practice. Doing so, will give you confidence when speaking to women, and they, in turn will sense that from you.