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Don’t Be Vulgar When Talking To A Woman

It is no secret that males and females are different and that they think differently. Many men are either unaware of what this means or they forget about it when meeting new female friends. The way men speak with each other is vastly different to the way women speak with their female friends and it is even further from what women expect from conversation with men. When you call Chat City Australia, remember that most of the ladies aren’t very interested in men who swear or use bad language. Knowing the difference and being aware of the effect your language has on them, will improve your relationship with any new woman in your life.

While men are often graphic in the way they speak with their male friends, using vulgarity and profanity, this is a major turn-off for women. Especially when a friendship is new. Men usually use bad language for two main reasons. The first is to project a macho image and the second is humour. Whereas many men find vulgarity hilarious,  most females find it simply gross. It is important to note that although many women will laugh at the vulgar jokes delivered by a professional stand-up comedian, such jokes have the opposite effect when coming from a friend. Especially if the friendship is new.

Australian girls are far more impressed with men who can hold a conversation and even make them laugh, without swearing. This is something worth working on if you do not already have this skill. If you currently feel you are unable to be interesting or funny without vulgarity, it doesn’t mean you don’t have the ability to develop that skill. Like any skill, you can learn it. You will surprise yourself and you will be amazed at the results it has on your life, not only with women but also in work or business situations.

How To Become Interesting And Funny Without Offending People…

You could start by watching your favourite comedy TV shows (excluding Southpark and Family Guy!). Choose comedy shows that are shown on Prime Time TV, that are “family friendly”. Many of these are hilarious without the need for swearing. If you don’t have a favourite yet, watch a few and see which of those appeals to you. You will find a lot of the episodes on YouTube. You can also find outtakes and blooper reels online.

Take some time during the day (it could be while you are driving, or showering) to imagine telling someone about the thing that you found most funny in the TV show. At first, this may seem difficult and you may resist doing it. Or, if you do it, you may not do it very well. But keep reminding yourself that you are developing a skill here. This is not something that you can either do or not do. It is something that you can learn and improve on. Once you feel comfortable, move from imagining telling someone about it, to actually telling someone about it.

The more you do this, the easier it will get. What is happening is that your brain is creating new connections which will, over time, enable you to be naturally witty and funny without the need for obscenities. You’ll find that your female friends find you charming and hilarious.