Topics To Avoid When Talking To Girls

Talking with a new female friend is very different than talking with your male friends. It can feel awkward at first, and you may not know what to talk about. There are certain topics that are best to avoid, and there are ways of making the conversation less awkward. Using Chat City Australia is a great way to work out what women want to hear in conversations. It is wise to avoid subjects that have anything to do with other girls in general, until you get to know the lady better.

Try not to comment on the looks of other women. Expressing your admiration for other ladies may well make your new female friends feel insecure and inferior. You can, of course, let them know what you admire and the things that attract you to a woman, without being insensitive and crude. She will appreciate that you are making an attempt of paint a picture of what you love in a girl.

It is also important to avoid the topic of exes and the details of your past relationships. Complaining about other females in any way can often backfire as your new friend may well assume you are critical of females in general.

So, what should you talk about? The most effective technique for conversation, is asking them about themselves. Try to get them to open up about the things that are important in their lives. Sometimes that may be a career, an activity she loves to do or extended family stories. Most Australian ladies really love to talk about the things that matter to them and to think that a man is listening, attentively to them, is very attractive. Ask, not only about family background and what school she went to, but opinions she may have and views on current events. Asking what she thinks of the new deli in the neighborhood, or if she likes a new TV show, and then showing a genuine interest in replies, by listening and absorbing what she is saying, will have a massive effect on your friendship.

You could also ask if she’s travelled much, and if so, where; and then ask about some experiences in those places. If you have a hobby or passion in common, that is excellent. It will be even better if you, again, ask for opinions or views on various aspects or changes that relate to that hobby or subject. Asking questions about her thoughts, beliefs and experiences is the most effective way to not only avoid the topics that would put her off, but also to develop a real connection with a new female friend.