How To Pay Women Compliments

Talking to a beautiful woman may entice you into paying her compliments, especially if you’d like more than a simple conversation with her. However, you have to be careful not to offend her. You need to know how to choose the right wording and the perfect moment to place the compliment during the conversation. When you call Chat City Australia, you will talk to many different women. It’s great way to practice getting this right.

This article will give you a few useful tips, to help you become better at paying compliments to girls.


Compliment her personality

Most Australian women will feel thrilled to hear someone values her personality. Since this is something she believes she can influence herself, she’s going to feel appreciated for her efforts. When paying such compliments to a woman, choose the best moments in conversation – the moments when she expresses her opinion on something. You can tell her, for instance, that you appreciate and share her point of view regarding an important life issue, you were just talking about.


Be specific

Paying a compliment is similar to giving feedback. In order to be effective, it needs to be specific. If you want to tell a girl you like something about her, try to add a few reasons why you love that thing. The more specific you can get, the more chances you have of your compliment reaching its goal. If you just tell her she has a big heart, she’s going to like it, but she might not pay a lot of attention to your compliment. However, if you tell her you love her way of caring for abandoned dogs, for example,  because it shows what a big heart she has, she’s probably going to enjoy it a lot more.


Don’t exaggerate

When you want to compliment a woman during a conversation, you should choose your words in such a way that they are still in line with the topic. Moreover, you shouldn’t overdo it and you should never lie. Just pick something you really value in what she says and mention it together with your words of appreciation. If you lie, she is going to hear in your voice that the compliment is not genuinely meant. Therefore she might even get upset that you use such cheap tricks on her. The more natural you can be, the better.

Always keep in mind that people love to hear others acknowledging good things they do. Women are no exception. Before saying something complimentary to a woman, hold your breath for a moment and try to imagine how it would make you feel, if someone told you the same thing. Women and men are different, but we all have something in common – we are human beings. Therefore we are subject to the same biases and influences from our external environment. We like to believe we are unique but in fact we are very similar in many ways. This is why, if you feel good about the compliment you want to pay her, go ahead and do it. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, she’s probably going to be uncomfortable, too. If you aren’t sure about the effect, it’s probably better to hold your compliment or reword it to sound better.